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5 Tips to Improve Your Health and Wellness
Improving your health and wellness can profoundly positively affect your life and the lives of the people around you, like your friends, family, community, and coworkers.

3 Reasons Sunlight Is Awesome for Your Well-Being
Once the sun comes out, chances are you'll feel lighter and brighter, as will most everyone around you.

5 Ways to Create Good Daily Habits
Creating some good habits to incorporate into your day can seem daunting but there are ways to make it less intimidating.

8 Products That Will Help You Live Life More Fully
Acquiring stuff isn't the key to living a fulfilling life. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't products out there that can help you achieve your goals.

How To Be a Better You In 2021
While self improvement may be a long journey, the good news is that it can be a fulfilling one, and that you can start seeing positive changes in your life quickly.

5 top tips to keep your teeth healthy during the holidays
Whilst it can be great to rummage through all the food it can take a real toll on your gums and teeth.

5 dangers of plastic surgery tourism
There are many countries outside of Europe and the US which are considered bargain places for plastic surgery but patients should be warned that they can come with many risks.

Why Is Positive Thinking Key To Stress Management?
Let's analyse how positive thinking could be the key to stress management in these 4 points.

5 Terrible Misconceptions About STIs That Might Cost You Your Health
Myths can cost you your health - before you download that dating app, make sure you know how to keep yourself safe.

How your oral health can affect your overall health
You may not realise it, but your oral health can have an impact on your whole body.

7 Exercises to Stay Fit while Travelling
There's no reason to neglect your usual health and fitness while you travel.

Important things to know about Botox
Even though Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States, it continues to inspire fear and confusion in many people. Is Botox right for everyone? It really depends on personal preference, budget, and one's tolerance for needles.

Diet and Acne Re-visited
Whether you call them pimples, blemishes or zits, the hallmarks of acne are the source of untold misery for many young people.

Keeping the Pounds Off
It is a sad and frustrating fact that many (perhaps, most) attempts to lose weight result in a temporary loss that is reversed in a relatively short time.

Scrap the Mask and Treat Sleep Apnea the Natural Way
If you know fifteen people in the U.S., then you know at least one person who is afflicted with the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

Cancer Survival - A Spanish Study
Assessment of the probability of surviving nine types of cancer in eight Spanish regions with the highest numbers of cancer diagnoses.

Heart And Brain Health Linked
Almost one half of patients with heart failure have memory failure and other problems in cognitive functioning.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil
Significant differences in cancer rates between northern and southern Europeans may be explained by the anti-cancer effects of olive oil in the diet.

Americans At Higher Risk Of Stroke
American adults have a higher prevalence of stroke than Europeans, due in part to a higher rate of risk factors and barriers to health care in the United States.

Controversy Over Breast Self-Examination
A review into the effectiveness of regular breast self-examination concludes that despite its promotion in health advice to women there is no evidence that it has contributed to a reduction in breast cancer deaths.

Adolescents With Chronic Insomnia
Chronic insomnia severely impacts future health and functioning of youths.

Stress And Cancer Surgery
Blocking the influence of major stress hormones may improve the outcome of cancer surgery.

Soaking Potatoes Leads To Healthier Chips
Soaking potatoes in water before frying can reduce levels of acrylamide, a naturally occurring chemical formed when starch-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures.

Anxiety And Heart Attacks
Longstanding anxiety significantly increases the risk of heart attack in men, even when other common risk factors are taken into account.

Recovery From Substance Abuse
Abstinence from alcohol and drugs is only the initial stage in recovery for people with substance abuse disorders.

Dementia Screening
A recent commentary arguing against routine screening for dementia by physicians working in primary care settings has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Disclosing Bad News
Using negotiation skills to help clinicians handle requests from family members not to reveal bad news to a patient.

Never Too Late To Change Your Lifestyle
Older adults can achieve significant health improvements with simple and realistic lifestyle changes.

Cancer Viruses
Nearly 20 per cent of human cancers result from pre-existing viral infections.

Lifestyle Habits
Child health psychologists should play a greater role in development of positive lifestyles thus contributing to adult disease prevention.

20,000 New Cancer Cases A Day Worldwide
A report from the American Cancer Society estimates that 2007 saw over 12 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths (about 20,000 a day) worldwide. Of these, 5.4 million cases and 2.9 million deaths occurred in economically developed countries, compared to 6.7 million cases and 4.7 million deaths in developing economies.

More Than 3 Million Americans Have Dementia
About 3.4 million Americans over the age of 70 (13.9 per cent) suffer from some form of dementia of whom about 2.4 million (9.7 per cent) have Alzheimer's disease.

How Antioxidants May Work
Very high doses of antioxidant polyphenols (commonly found in red wine, fruits, vegetables, and green tea) shut down and prevented cancerous tumors by inhibiting new blood vessel formation. Conversely, at relatively low doses they play a beneficial role in cardiac and circulatory diseases by facilitating blood vessel growth.

Spouses And Healthy Lifestyles
A study published in Health Services Research has shown that spouses often mirror each other's positive health behaviors and that intervention programs should be designed with a broader perspective than the individual patient.

Stress, Cancer And HIV
A review of research into the relationship between stress and disease has found that stress is a contributing factor particularly in triggering or worsening depression, cardiovascular disease and speeding progression of HIV/AIDS.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer
Research by Kaiser Permanente presented at the recent European Cancer Conference (ECCO 14) has found that increased risk of breast cancer is related to alcohol itself and the quantity drunk rather than the type.

Physician-Assisted Suicide
A study shows no evidence that legalization of physician-assisted suicide results in disproportionate numbers of vulnerable people dying prematurely.

Breastfeeding Does Not Protect Against Allergies
The results of a large randomized trial recently published on indicate that prolonged or exclusive breastfeeding fails to protect against development of asthma and allergies in later life.

Personal Chaos Inhibits HIV Health Care
Chaotic personal circumstances may significantly inhibit access to health care for HIV-positive people living in poverty.

Fruity Vegetables Reduce Childhood Asthma
A diet rich in fish and "fruity vegetables" such as tomatoes, aubergines, cucumber, green beans and courgettes can reduce childhood asthma and allergies.

Mediterranean Diet May Help Alzheimer's
A Mediterranean diet may help people with Alzheimer's disease live longer than those relying on a more traditional Western diet.

Stroke Care In UK Severely Deficient
The perception of stroke among health professionals and the public must be changed so that it is viewed as a condition requiring emergency treatment.

NICE's Threshold Range Questioned
A situation in which NICE employs an unsubstantiated range to assess cost effectiveness and others within UK healthcare make no use of any such threshold is not conducive to efficiency and fairness in the NHS.

Tomato Antioxidant Does Not Prevent Cancer
A recent study concludes that lycopene, an antioxidant predominately found in tomatoes, is not effective in preventing prostate cancer.

Journey Distances To Hospital Can Be Fatal
The further patients with life-threatening conditions have to travel by ambulance to reach emergency care, the more likely they are to die, with people suffering respiratory problems at greatest risk.

Midday Siesta a Napping Good Idea
New research finds that taking regular midday naps (siestas) was associated with reduced risk of death from heart disease over a six-year period for Greek adults - especially working men.

Exercise Benefits Cancer Care
Two recent studies have investigated the role of exercise in breast cancer risk, treatment and rehabilitation.

Teenage Substance Misuse: What Parents Don't Know
A new study by a number of co-authors published in the October issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research examines how helpful parents may be in assessing their children's alcohol and/or drug use and abuse. Findings indicate that they do not provide valuable information because they are often unaware of it.

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