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Cretan Sunset

3 Tips To Make Better Financial Decisions
Some of the best decisions you can make come from a position of strength and knowledge.

5 Fun things to do in Leeds at the weekend

The Ultimate Guide To This Summer's Style Trends
No matter your budget or what you already have, fit these trends into your summer styling and you’ll be bang on trend this year.

Different Travel Accommodations to Choose From
There are different types of accommodations to choose from that could cater to your budget and other specific needs.

5 Tips to Improve Your Health and Wellness
Improving your health and wellness can profoundly positively affect your life and the lives of the people around you, like your friends, family, community, and coworkers.

How To Create Family Bonds
Here are some things you can do to help strengthen your family ties.

3 Reasons Sunlight Is Awesome for Your Well-Being
Once the sun comes out, chances are you'll feel lighter and brighter, as will most everyone around you.

Invest in Your Family's Well-Being: A Guide to Insurance
This guide will give you the tools and knowledge you need when it comes to choosing which cover suits you best and your family's life.

Best Family-Friendly Staycation Destinations In The UK
Some of the most popular staycation destinations in the UK and also go through some activities to do whilst you are there.

5 Ways to Create Good Daily Habits
Creating some good habits to incorporate into your day can seem daunting but there are ways to make it less intimidating.

How To Start Your Career In Insurance Without A Degree
Finding a career that aligns your interests, goals and skills together can be a job in itself.

8 Products That Will Help You Live Life More Fully
Acquiring stuff isn't the key to living a fulfilling life. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't products out there that can help you achieve your goals.

How To Be a Better You In 2021
While self improvement may be a long journey, the good news is that it can be a fulfilling one, and that you can start seeing positive changes in your life quickly.

5 top tips to keep your teeth healthy during the holidays
Whilst it can be great to rummage through all the food it can take a real toll on your gums and teeth.

Does the Beauty Industry Hold the Key to Your Future?
With advanced training, some experience, and a whole lot of vigour, the beauty industry might be your key to success.

Family-Friendly Educational Adventures in the UK
When you have kids, adventures can be more time-consuming, stressful, and exhausting, but it doesn't have to be this way. It starts for most people with what they choose to do.

Why Is Positive Thinking Key To Stress Management?
Let's analyse how positive thinking could be the key to stress management in these 4 points.

Our guide to the Best Places to Eat and Drink in Manchester.

How your oral health can affect your overall health
You may not realise it, but your oral health can have an impact on your whole body.

4 Things To Know About Switching To A Vegan Diet
With growing awareness surrounding the ethical and environmental benefits of a diet which is free from animal products, including fish, meat, eggs and dairy, more and more people are switching over to a vegan diet.

7 Strategies to Be a More Sustainable Globetrotter
It's only natural to want to see more of the planet you're trying to protect. The only issue you might run into is that most elements of the travel and tourism industry aren't designed to be eco-friendly or sustainable.

Introduction to The Literature of the Victorian Era
Written by Hugh Walker in 1910

Is Travel Insurance Worth Its Price?
In times of rising prices it can be tempting to forgo an additional fee when paying for your travel costs.

Victorian Etiquette of Mourning
Excerpts from a Victorian book.

5 dangers of plastic surgery tourism
There are many countries outside of Europe and the US which are considered bargain places for plastic surgery but patients should be warned that they can come with many risks.

5 Terrible Misconceptions About STIs That Might Cost You Your Health
Myths can cost you your health - before you download that dating app, make sure you know how to keep yourself safe.

How much is your software company worth?
Software companies are a huge industry, with our lives increasingly growing more digital. More of them are appearing, but they are also growing in value at the same time.

How to make and save money during a career break?
Chances are, you have been secretly planning for months but keep putting it off due to one reason, money. Financing a career break isn't easy.

7 Exercises to Stay Fit while Travelling
There's no reason to neglect your usual health and fitness while you travel.

10 Reasons to Visit Australia This Summer
The country is huge, and it never runs out of things to offer.

Want to Be a Digital Nomad?
Here Are 5 Ways to Finance Your Travels

Why a cruise is the perfect option for solo travel
Ignore the sceptics - solo holidays are a great way to travel.

What you didn't know about Zanzibar
Zanzibar is a tropical, semi-autonomous region of Tanzania situated less than 30 miles off of the east coast of the African mainland.

Tomato Growing Tips
Here are some tips on how to grow your own bountiful crop of tomatoes.

Grow the BEST Tasting Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the most popular home garden vegetable grown for good reason.

Tomatoes: History, Origin, Facts... or Fiction?
Are they fruit or vegetables? Tomatoes are popular today but their introduction was slow.

Unique holiday cottages in Warwickshire

Can we trust Cryptocurrencies?
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a currency system seeking successful adoption must be in want of trust.

Top 5 Reasons to Head for the Med
The Mediterranean's sun, beach, and clear sea have made it an eternally popular destination for holiday-makers looking for a fun and relaxing break away

Blast Off to Beautiful Beijing
You'll find pandas, pagodas and so much more waiting for you in this beautiful metropolis.

Bulbs, Corms, Tubers and Rhizomes
How deep should bulbs be planted? According to a study published in the Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science it may not matter because bulbs can move themselves deeper into the ground, seemingly in search of better, moister growing conditions.

Bulbs, Corms, Tubers and Rhizomes
What are bulbs and how do you distinguish them from corms, tubers and rhizomes?

2013 Hot Pics: The Most Shared Photos of the Year
Mobile-based photo sharing solutions such as Instagram and SnapChat have provided an instant and inventive way for people to connect with one another.

Key Texts That Will Improve Your Property Gains
Due to the economic slump of recent years, property prices are extremely low, when compared to their values in more prosperous times.

Majorca's Most Visited Tourist Attractions
Majorca or 'Mallorca' is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, and it one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe.

The Top 5 Places to Take a Boating Road Trip
If you’ve got some free time coming up and you’re itching to hit the road, take your boat and make it an epic combo road trip/boating holiday.

Tips for travelling with only a carry-on
It takes a bit of preparation and planning, but using only carry-on bags keeps you from having to stand and wait for your luggage to leave the airplane, and you won`t have to suffer through the process of checking your bags.

Three Certifications are Available with the Microsoft SQL Server
Becoming an expert with a Microsoft SQL certification is a great option you should certainly consider.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for Less
Frugal feasting for beginners. Infographic by Anne Perkins.

Honeymooning in New York: An Amazing Adventure
New York can be an excellent honeymoon spot for young newlyweds on the go.

European Origins
The origins of modern Europeans have been revised by an international team who have been working on genetic prehistory of Europeans for the past 7-8 years.

People of Earth: Shape Up or Ship Out (To a Fresh Planet)
By the time 2050 rolls around, we'll need two more planets the size of earth to sustain our resource-guzzling, chemical-spewing ways, laments the Guardian UK and the World Wildlife Fund.

Reducing Salt Consumption
Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine reported that the number of people in England who add salt to their food at the table fell by more than a quarter in the 5 years after a national campaign in 2003.

Diet and Acne Re-visited
Whether you call them pimples, blemishes or zits, the hallmarks of acne are the source of untold misery for many young people.

Chocolate and Stroke
Eating moderate amounts of chocolate each week may be linked to lower risk of stroke.

3% of Children Not Genetically Related to Assumed Father
Paternity questions have made great headlines for bad TV, and with developments in DNA testing, answering paternity questions has become as easy as, well, taking a pregnancy test.

The picture (above) of a glorious sunset could have been taken in the Pacific or the Caribbean. In fact it was taken near Rethymno in Crete

  • Cretan History
  • Other Greek destinations such as the Ionian Islands, Corfu and the Cyclades remain firm holiday favourites. See also:

    Paradise in Paphos

  • Kefalonia
  • Zakynthos (Zante)
  • Paros
  • Rhodes
  • 4 Scenic Motorcycle Tours to Take This Fall

    5 Alternatives To Portugal's Tourist Traps

    Atlantic all-year-round destination with mild weather, superb seafood, amazing scenery and fantastic mountain walks.

  • Madeira's history and attractions
  • Funchal, Madeira
  • Hotels in Funchal, Madeira
  • Reids Hotel, Madeira
  • Pantoon at La Pirogue

     Mauritius is an upmarket 'exotic' destination, the ultimate multicultural island destination in the Indian Ocean

  • History of Mauritius
  • And as an alternative consider the beaches and birdlife of multi-island Seychelles

    Weekend Breaks
    There's nothing better than a weekend break - better still a long weekend break - to freshen you up, boost your enthusiasm for life and get you through to your next proper holiday.

    Costa Rica is often voted as one of the best travel destinations. With a population of just over 4 million, Costa Rica straddles Central America between the Pacific and the Caribbean.

    5 Of The Best Road Trips In The UK

    Mayfair Hotels
    Originally named after the annual May Fair that took place on the site during the 18th Century, Mayfair has risen in the popular consciousness - thanks largely to its status on the monopoly board - as a byword for wealthy London.

    Yellowstone's Must-See Sights

    3 Easy Safety Tips For A Great Trip
    Sometimes when we plan vacations, we get so wrapped up in all of the fun details that it's easy to overlook simple but effective travel guidelines that can keep you safe during your getaway.

    Tips for How to Travel Around the World
    There are many benefits to travelling around the world in one go instead of breaking it into segments. Not only is it cheaper, but you can also visit neighbouring countries on a whim instead of having to return home for a day or two to catch your next flight.

    Advice for starting your career in criminal justice
    Criminal justice has always been recognised as being one of the more challenging and respectable professional career paths to pursue.

    Keeping the Pounds Off
    It is a sad and frustrating fact that many (perhaps, most) attempts to lose weight result in a temporary loss that is reversed in a relatively short time.

    Important things to know about Botox
    Even though Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States, it continues to inspire fear and confusion in many people. Is Botox right for everyone? It really depends on personal preference, budget, and one's tolerance for needles.

    America's Brainiest Cities: 5 Unexpected Reasons to Move to Lansing, MI

    Throw That Half-Eaten Hotdog in the Gas Tank: Turning Waste Into Fuel
    The next time you feel guilty for using a Styrofoam cup, or if you are one of the few who worry about what will happen when the landfills are overwhelmed with waste, companies like Renmatix, INENTEC, and Enerkem are coming up with new innovations that will soon make garbage more valuable than fossil fuel.

    Scrap the Mask and Treat Sleep Apnea the Natural Way
    If you know fifteen people in the U.S., then you know at least one person who is afflicted with the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

    Salt Consumption Linked To Moods
    Over-consumption of and craving for salt may be explained by its mood-enhancing qualities.

    Health Benefits of Olive Oil
    Significant differences in cancer rates between northern and southern Europeans may be explained by the anti-cancer effects of olive oil in the diet.

    Vikings Dressed Flamboyantly
    Pre-Christian Vikings dressed more flamboyantly than previously thought with the use of vivid colors, silk ribbons, and bits of mirrors.

    Fall Vacations for Family: 4 Budget-Friendly Options for a Weekend Getaway
    Take advantage of gorgeous autumn weather to take that family vacation you hoped for.

    Cons, Hacks and Hidden Fees: Scams to Avoid When Traveling in the U.S.
    From experiencing local customs to tasting new cuisine, there are many joys to traveling. However, losing all of your money or having your identity pick pocketed by a cyber thief probably isn’t on the itinerary.

    Take Green Living to the Next Level With These Easy Eco-Friendly Steps
    If you imagine a healthy and happy home that's free of chemicals and a comfortable way of life, it is possible.

    Love and Adventure Down Under
    Romantic getaways are a fun and memorable way of spoiling you and your partner any time of the year.

    Ancient Europeans had a taste for spicy food
    Prehistoric hunter-gatherers in northern Europe appear to have been using spices in their cooking pots 7,000 years ago.

    Motorcycle Road Trips Through The Midwest
    The Midwest offers some of the most exciting and accessible motorcycle rides in the country. From Midwestern college towns and big cities, riders can easily connect with the region's treasure trove of state parks, Great Lakes and small town charm.

    The benefits of tutoring programmes
    Although the idea of a tutoring programme may seem like nothing more than extra work, it is worth bearing in mind that it can actually make life at school much easier.

    Beautiful Tourist Attractions in New Zealand
    Whether you're looking to get to grips with some real nature, or you're looking to top up your tan on some glorious beaches, then NZ has everything you need to have a great time.

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